Nine Steps To Hiring A Freelancer – Infographic

1.       Decide the skill set you need, be focused and do not go for a Jack of all trades

2.       Locate some freelancers that you feel you could work with, really read their content. (Google is a good place to start)

3.       Research the market hourly rate using agency websites and freelancer websites. Remember you generally get what you pay for.

4.       Build a matrix to ensure the freelancer has the skills you need.

5.       Invite all the freelancers to a meeting and make sure you have some support.

6.       Try to get to know the background and working methods of the freelancer and mark the skills against your matrix.

7.       Compare your notes for each freelancer and how you feel about each one. Chances are one or two will stand out.

8.       Invite the final couple of candidates to a final meeting. Find out which you get on with the most.

9.       Make a decision based on the final meeting and get them to work!